Lawyers that think like clients


Online terms and conditions

We can draft, implement and update your terms and conditions of business - online, offline and oftentimes both. Our team of experts are on hand to get your terms into shape efficiently and effectively

A team of founders

Our team of lawyers and advisors are unique having founded and run multiple businesses of their own. They think like clients, spend money like clients, talk to partners like clients. We want to be part of your team, not just the lawyers, but your lawyers.

Contractors and agencies

When you purchase costly services from third parties, it is vital to ensure that the work product belongs to you at the end, that you have the rights you need to exploit it commercially and that you have recourse to someone or something when things go wrong. We can help with every aspect of instructing third parties. 


Setting up for doing business offline is just as important. We can provide advice and implementation for comprehensive terms for the acquisition of stock and other items, and advise on the process for ensuring that you are transacting on your terms. 

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