The lawyers that build businesses


WE focus on creating value

We don't think in terms of billable hours, but value created. We make money by creating value for our clients. Whether it's negotiating terms on a new partnership, coaxing an investment round to completion or producing a set of online terms of business, we document and defend the value our clients have worked hard to create. 

Innovation IS WHAT we do

From turning our services into products (,, to changing the way that lawyers bill for their services, adopting technology and rethinking the provision of legal services. We put innovation at the core of our practise. 

WE ARE A team of founders

Our team of lawyers and advisors are unique having founded and run multiple businesses of their own. They think like clients, spend money like clients, talk to partners like clients. We want to be part of your team, not just the lawyers, but your lawyers.

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A compliance partner to depend upon

Incorporate and maintain your companies

Our expert lawyers and company secretaries can assist with the entire life cycle of your company, from incorporation, annual filings, and professional directorships, through to winding up your company. 

Full Service UK Addresses and virtual office

We can provide a full virtual office and UK registered office address service. Receive your statutory mail at our offices, send all of your office mail to our office and have it forwarded, and use our telephone answering service to answer the phone in the name of your business.


Professional Directorships

In certain circumstances it can be necessary for foreign entities using an English company may benefit from a a local professional director. We will need to understand the reason for using a professional director as part of our KYC.


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